This is to represent the company PRK-2002 - Sofia, Bulgaria with a judgement of the Sofia City Court of Company Case 5398/2002.


The seat of the company PRK-2002 is: Dobrich, 66 Kaliakra Str., floor 5. 

The manager of the company is eng. Ivanka Kalinova.

Tel./fax +359 58 600408

Tel. +359 58 770952

Mobile tel. 0888 452481


Its service bank is the Raiffeisenbank - Dobrich.

Account in BGN: 1064504411

Account in EUR: 1464504400

Banking code: 15591550


The range of products of PRK-2002 includes:

  • Board semi-trailers - universal or with increased capacity up to 100 m3

  • Road trains –superstructures and trailers – universal or specialized

  • Tank semi-trailers for the transport of chemicals, industrial gases, and nutritional liquids (drinking water, milk, cooking oil, wine, fruit juices), etc.

  • Dumper semi-trailers up to 40 m3

  • Specialized semi-trailers: vans, container carriers, animal carriers, heavy-duty, etc.

  • Fire-fighting vehicles

  • Repairs and spare parts

  • Metal structures


The company PRK-2002 has a WMI code, issued by the Ministry of Economy and affirmed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The products have: TÜV certificates for board semi-trailers, TÜV certificates for tanks for transport of dangerous loads in compliance with the requirements of  ADR for international transport.

The company's ambition is to offer its clients better conditions for cooperation, to affirm its positions on the home market, and to initiate a new attitude to the Bulgarian hauled transport machinery, i.e. to fulfill the requirements of its clients with a higher quality, competitive prices and firm deadlines for the execution of orders. We have the necessary industrial equipment for that.

Our highly qualified specialists, the technological industrial lines, the modernization and the renovation of the products provide a manufacturing capacity of 300 semi-trailers per year. We put into our semi-trailers and trailers running units, light and brake systems and other parts imported from the EU, which is a guarantee for the competitive quality of the product.

The small-batch production, imposed by the Bulgarian market, which is the way of work of PRK-2002, is a source of flexibility - the possibility to manufacture products meeting the concrete requirements of the clients.

The company has manufacturing potentialities for the production of hauled machinery, and of specialized unit in the field of machinery construction.

We are interested in the cooperation with foreign manufactures for joint products and entering third markets. ©2004